Souvenir Yarn

Local-made yarn (or fiber) is my favorite kind of souvenir.  When I was in Saskatoon at the beginning of November, we hit two yarn stores in the time between a wedding and its reception.  At the first one I got a skein of Malabrigo, which is pretty non-local to Saskatchewan, but at the second I got some locally farmed alpaca.  (I also later received two pounds of Romney roving from YBIL, and am guessing it was also fairly local.)  Didn’t take pictures, though.

Also managed to hit two yarn stores in Vancouver last week, on the same day. Had a higher local-to-foreign ratio this time.

_2015-11 BC yarns.jpg

Top to bottom and left to right:

  • Merino 4/8, color (I think) Victoria, dyed by Emily Dempsey, sister of Jana Dempsey (Hand Maiden/Fleece Artist).  I think they’re in Nova Scotia? No tag because apparently Emily only sent one tag for the entire bag, which the store owner also had to twist up.
  • Hand Maiden Lino, color Fire Opal, probably Nova Scotia.  Could get this online but her stuff is variable enough to want to pick out in person.
  • Sweet Georgia superwash merino, color Rosebud.  Had not known she was Canadian previously.  Most of the yarn I saw was solid, but this one has some nice orangey/coral tones.
  • Riverside Studio Merino Singles, color Eddy.  From Quebec.  Not previously familiar with this dyer.
  • Atelier Franziska Uhl Handgefarbte  Sockenwolle, color Wassermeist / Merman.  Not Canadian, but apparently the store I got it from is the only store outside of Europe selling her stuff.
  • Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool, color Snow Hero. Washington state, which is closer to Vancouver than it is to me.

I’ve already started a scarf with the Merino 4/8.


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