She Knows She’s Beautiful

This is Meringue.

Meringue stairs 1 20140727_175411016 (2).jpg

Her kittens (all grown up now) are beautiful too.

IMG_20140622_010309926 (2).jpg

(Walnut is the darkest-looking one, Five-Spice is the calico, Vanilla — who used to be much lighter — is the front one, and Praline, the only boy, is the orange one.)

Prior to their arrival we had four black and white cats, two gray and white, one all-black, and one tortie.  And then all this diverse fur entered our lives.  About the only things these five cats have in common is some measure of striping and some measure of orange, both of which were barely represented in our first eight cats.

Also, no one had belly spots!

IMG_20140801_163526791 (3).jpg

Or a dark nose!

IMG_20141105_194155368 (2).jpg

Or leopard spots!

2015-11-28 14.02.57.jpg

And the collective tail stripes were much less obvious!

three tails.jpg

For some reason I started referring to them mentally as the kittykins, although I’m not usually that cutesy.  But I was away from home and missed them, and they weren’t quite kittens anymore.  So that’s kind of their family name.

I think Meringue is happy here.

Meringue with Vanilla and Five-Spice.jpg


3 thoughts on “She Knows She’s Beautiful

  1. Yes! She is so beautiful and all of your other babies are too. Hi’ Robin , your mom told me about your blog. I am too a big cat lover. I really enjoy your pictures and reading your blog. Good job !


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