Cat Yoga

Even though I know perfectly well that cats are quite flexible, sometimes they still surprise me.  And sometimes they just make me laugh.

Licoris tail yoga 2015-12-05 14.11.24.jpg

Okay, this one isn’t showing much body flexibility, but I’m still not sure how her tail got up to her ear while she was peacefully purring in my lap.

Then there’s Quot, who sleeps in various poses:

Aliquot photo 2013-01-29 contorted.jpg


(Captioned by Fire.)

And the ever-popular interrupted grooming pose, demonstrated by CMY:

CMY yoga 1 2016-01-07 14.08.58 (4).jpgCMY interrupted grooming 2016-01-07 14.09.06 (2).jpg





Uncontrollably Creative

One evening a few years ago I was late at work and bored, so I emptied my purse pill box and sorted the pills.

medicine art 0914072335.jpg

When I was first diagnosed with ADD, I was worried that treatment for it might suppress creativity, since ADD is frequently correlated with high creativity.  I’m not so worried about that now.

(Okay, maybe it’s not creativity that’s shown in that photo.  Somewhat compulsive geometry.  Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to have been suppressed by my medication.)

Helpful Kitties

A recent thread on Ravelry was on how cats have “helped” their people with their fiber arts.  Naturally, I contributed a post, and I may as well post it here too.

My beloved patriarch cat Rufus donated his fur for yarn:

We lost him a year ago, but he bequeathed his final fur to me as well.

My fiber appreciator, Moonstone, likes to knead everything I work with: fiber, yarn, knitting. Here she is doing some appreciating:
Politically Incorrect batt
There were many happy grey purrs emanating from her.

And my lovely CMY, who is also the guardian of my yarn room, occasionally contributes opinions regarding my yarn organization:
Malabrigo Yarn Silky Merino
(They had been all nicely lined up on the table.)

Praline inspected my new spinning wheel:
pasted image

Aliquot preferred to check out a spindle:
pasted image

And Triquet helped me assess whether I had enough yarn for a project:
pasted image

Negative Progress

I broke a needle while working on my most recent Arroyo socks, to my disgust.

CMY with rev triangle socks 2016-01-01 17.35.10.jpg

So I switched to another pair of socks that has been lingering on for a bit.  Doing this pair two at a time on one long circular, which I’m amazed hasn’t broken yet with all of the stress I’ve put on the needles.  There’s a twist/cable about every other stitch on the pattern rows, and I’m doing them without using a cable needle, so these needles have been working overtime.

I did my integrated heel, which ends with decreasing the last of the heel stitches away as the patterned part wraps around the leg.  Only I realized that I’d misremembered the length of the repeat and needed to decrease six more stitches to get an integral number of repeats (two, since the repeat is 36 stitches long).  And that I should’ve done more decreasing earlier back.

So the last couple of hours of work on this has been to undo what’s turning into several rows of stitches, one by one because the combination of twisted stitches and using just one needle for two socks would make for probable disaster if I just pulled the needle out and ripped the rows back.  Tink tink tink.