Local Skies

A few photos taken near my house or otherwise in the area.

Rainbow after last month’s rain (1/23/16), with a barely-visible double rainbow:

rainbow 1 2016-01-23 17.02.01 (2).jpg

Frost on windshield next to my garage (looking toward the sky), 12/29/15:

Frost on windshield 2015-12-29 08.47.25.jpg

A sheet of watery, satiny clouds somewhere a bit north of my house (I forget exactly where I took this):

clouds IMG_20141015_173333301 (2).jpg

Sunset from my driveway:

sunset near home IMG_20140829_195340681_HDR (2).jpg




Drinking Games (and Books)

I’ve just started rereading Ancillary Justice, having purchased it and the rest of the trilogy recently.  There’s a lot of tea-drinking in it, which I remembered — not that I could have forgotten, since it’s mentioned frequently in conjunction with the series, when the people discussing it have actually read any of the books (as opposed to harping on pronouns, which is what indicates that they haven’t).  I also remember drinking a lot of tea myself when reading it, and in fact have a hot cuppa near me that I can’t drink quite yet.

When I played AA3 (that is, Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations), I drank rather more coffee than I usually do, thanks to Godot.  I also drank a fair bit of tea when playing Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, which has a tea-blending and serving minigame in it.  It’s probably from that that I got to describing the mix of flavors in my current favorite as “comforting” (at least, after I add raw sugar).

I’m pretty sure I drank a lot of milk while playing Majora’s Mask too, and possibly other Zelda games.  And while I haven’t been specifically eating more mushrooms while playing Paper Mario, I find myself thinking of delicious portobello mushrooms, either as burger substitutes or sliced and sauteed as at my favorite Japanese restaurants, every time I end up with a fried mushroom or mushroom steak.

I wonder what I’ll consume when I get around to rereading the Harry Potter serious.  Root beer, perhaps.  And butter.