Second Kittenhood

I think Aliquot is going through a limited second kittenhood.

Quot content 2016-01-21 15.15.41 (2).jpg

Lately he’s been nuzzling and licking me a LOT.  As in, he wakes me up at 7am by licking my cheek (and my forehead and lips and eyelid; fortunately he has a fairly soft tongue), for very lengthy periods.  Almost every night/morning.  He also comes up and settles on my chest, purring loudly, and licking my arm or whatever he can reach.  While he’s always been a relatively affectionate cat, he hasn’t been this demonstrative with me since he reached his adult size, I think.

Aliquot photo 2012-12-07 laptop

(From his first kittenhood, around three and a half months old.  This was a pretty difficult picture to take, incidentally, and I’m still not sure how I managed it.)


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