Fifty Pounds of Cat

Today we took CMY and Rhombus to the vet.  They’re siblings, and it shows.  They have similar coloring, especially in the face, and they’re…large.  Rhombus is a bit over 27 pounds and CMY is a few ounces over 23.  They look to be generic domestic shorthairs, no signs of Maine Coon to explain the size.  Some of it’s fat, but it’s also big bones and such.  Rhombus’s paws are enormous.

CMY is a bit of a grump.  She doesn’t like most of the other cats — she’s sometimes friendly with Moonstone, and seems to tolerate the kittykins, but isn’t too happy with the others.  And for some reason she saves her best hisses and growls for her brother, the one she’s known literally her whole life.

But it turns out she’s more upset by the vet than by him.

CMY Rhombus in carrier 160319 IMG_1718.jpg

Rhombus was just sitting in his carrier minding his own business (he’d already been taken in back to get his blood glucose checked and was done) and CMY was wandering nervously around the room and decided to crawl in with him. I almost wish I’d tried to pick up the carrier with both of them to see if its weight tolerance was adequate, but it might’ve broken me instead.


3 thoughts on “Fifty Pounds of Cat

    1. They’re surprisingly timid, actually. Rhombus clearly has no idea of his size, as the avalanches he sets off via inertia attest, and the only time I’ve heard him growl is at this one cat less than half his size who bullies him. He’s very affectionate to us, but basically he’s a small cat in a large body. CMY growls more at other cats but also generally has a quiet personality, though she can get pretty chatty when she sees me. I think all of her conversation is “pet me!” though.

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      1. That’s nice to know that they’re pretty much gentle. I do have one cat that is constantly wanting to sit ON you and be petted all day. (I couldn’t imagine that with a 27-pounder.) He gets jealous of anyone — human or cat or object — in the house receiving attention.


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