Moonlit Eyes

Vanilla has the palest eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat.

Vanilla 2016-03-14 10.43.27 (2).jpg

They’re ever so slightly blue-tinted in that photo, but part of that is just from the bits of orange on her face — which I’d barely noticed before, since she averages out to sepia.

Her eyes were even paler when she was maybe six months old:

Vanilla in cage 20 Apr 2014 cropped (2).JPG

Then again, so was the rest of her.  It’s rather more obvious from that pic (taken just after she was neutered, which is why she’s in the cage) why she was named Vanilla. Before being named she was “white kitten”, though by then she was looking kind of Siamese.  But only in the sense that her paws, tail, and ears were darker than the rest of her overall — she’s not even slightly solid, anywhere.  Her tail is stripy, her legs (as shown) are speckled, her ears are too, and her face has tabby stripes.  And her coat has subtle leopard spots.  I really have no idea how to describe her briefly, except with words like “lovely.”


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