Overheard yesterday as I walked to the train station:

Him: “…take BART.”

Her: “‘Take BART’? You don’t take the BART?”

Well, no, we don’t.  We’ll refer to the BART station or even the BART system, but it’s never the BART that we’re riding.  I’d theorize that maybe we think of the trains as being friendlier than that, what with having a name and all*, but I think people usually also take AC Transit or Muni or CalTrain or Amtrak as well. Maybe it’s regional…?

* In the late 1970s there was a connector bus between UC Berkeley and BART stations, with the rather awesome name of Humphrey Go-BART.  The name was long gone by the time I went to Cal, but there’s now the Emery Go Round connecting BART and Emeryville, which almost makes up for it.


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