Doing It Wrong

More things I have learned from the Giant Cozy Sweater knitting:

1. This is not what needle felting is supposed to be.

felted needle 2 2016-04-05 16.48.47

2.  It is always a good idea to check that the decreases you’re using on the third piece match the decreases on the first two pieces.  Preferably before you’re seaming them together.

sweater seam 2016-04-06 23.16.47

3. Use a yarn (sewing-up) needle of a size appropriate to your work from the outset rather than two long finger-tingling seams later.

yarn needles in lanaloft sweater 2016-04-09 16.07.30

4. When knitting a piece to be sewn along the selvages to lengthen sideways-knit sleeves, consider how the direction of the knitting will interact with the seam allowance.

mismatched seam better 2016-04-15 14.17.48

5. Avoid vertical garter seams whenever possible, especially with multicolor yarns.

garter seam 2016-04-15 15.00.17

I know people say it’s easy and neat, but it isn’t if you care at all about, oh, keeping the garter ridges straight.  The neatest garter seam I ever managed was when I accidentally turned the back of a slipper into a Mobius loop, which pretty much says it all right there.




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