How I (Try To) Fall Asleep

Sleep does not come easily to me, at least when I’m supposed to be sleeping.  (Afternoon naps are much easier.)  Here are some mental things I do in place of counting sheep.

  1. Count primes.  Eventually the math of figuring out whether a number is prime puts me to sleep.  Or I’ll do something else arithmetic, like a 47 times table.
  2. Word stuff, e.g., change WOLF to FLOW, or see how many words I can think of that end in -urry.  (Slurry, blurry, flurry, curry, hurry, furry, purry…)
  3. Linguistics puzzles, like phonetic rules for allomorphs of number-related words in Japanese.  Not that I have much of a vocabulary to work from, after three months of class.
  4. Japanese vocabulary review.
  5. Think about Lunar-related things, like what aspects of the four distinct versions of Lunar 1 would I combine into an ideal game, or how could Genesis/Dragon Song be turned into a game worth playing.
  6. Knitting (or crochet) planning, either for a possible upcoming project or an existing one such as putting pockets on the giant cozy sweater.
  7. Math related to knitting.  Recently it was figuring out integer values for sides closely approximating a 30-60-90 right triangle.   This one actually backfired on me because after doing all these calculations in my head and coming up with a couple of acceptable solutions I had to turn on my phone and find out which was closer.
  8. Listening to music inside my head.  Sometimes I notice things I hadn’t noticed before, which is kind of bizarre.
  9. Analyzing chord progressions of music I know well.  I’m a bit rusty on this though.
  10. Making up song lyrics about my cats.

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