Kitty Treats

seafood for kitties 2016-04-19 15.51.27

That’s a bowl of diced shrimp and scallops, exclusively for the cats.  This is after a fair bit of it had been doled out, too.  Stop giving me that look.  It was all freezer burnt, okay?  We weren’t going to eat it anyway.  They don’t care about the freezer burn, and are utterly delighted.

And so there’s a picture of an actual kitty in this post, I give you Licoris peeking.

Licoris peeking 2016-04-15 19.40.35

She got some of the yummy seafood earlier this evening.  (We keep the bowl in the fridge and every now and again I grab a smallish handful for the cats.)  Made her very happy.  That bit of furniture has worked out very well for her — she gets to see us easily, gets lots of incidental cuddles as we go by, has a tower she can defend at need, and gets her snacks and initial meals there.  (I take the bowl out after she’s done eating so she has more space to lie down.)  It’s really been a treat for us to have our little tortie out where we can see her, since she spent most of the last two years in the guest room.


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