Fiber Arts in Video Games: Twilight Princess

I held off on posting this until I finished replaying the game, but nothing else in it stuck out to me.  Sorry for the glare on the top pic.

Zelda TP knitting 2 cropped 2016-03-04 23.36.46 (2)Zelda TP knitting 1 cropped 2016-03-04 23.39.58 (2)

This is the table in Colin’s house in Link’s hometown of Ordona Village.  Uli, Colin’s mother, is expecting — one of the first things to do in the game is retrieve a cradle for her, and in the end credits she’s shown with her new baby in the cradle.  Knitting is, of course, strongly associated with impending motherhood, as I was reminded frequently when I was knitting baby booties as a gift.  It’s therefore no surprise that this house is the only place where one sees knitting in progress.

It’s rather nicely done, really.  The usual symbol of knitting is single-pointed needles and a ball of yarn.  These are double-points — and disturbingly sharp ones at that — of an appropriate size for the gauge of knitting on them.  The knitting itself is adequately drawn.  What’s weird is that the same texture was used for the yarn balls, shown particularly in the second picture with their neat star shapes.  It is in fact so weird (I really don’t think it’d have been hard to draw a ball of yarn!) that I am choosing to believe that rather than conventional baby clothes and blankets — which would usually be at a much finer gauge anyway — she’s knitting balls.  Maybe little pumpkin cozies for the runts of the patch.  Or oversized toy blueberries.  Or juggling bags.  Isn’t that a more interesting explanation than laziness on the part of the graphics folks, who were so detailed in other regards?

Speaking of detailed, check out the tablecloth.  Even distorted by being a texture applied to a 3D object, it’s clearly lace with a faggoted sawtooth border.  I almost feel I could look up that exact stitch pattern.  There are several other such cloths in the house, as wall hangings or furniture covers.  Uli is evidently an accomplished knitter dating from long before this pregnancy.  At least, I couldn’t knit four or five lace tablecloths in nine months.


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