Triquet and I were sitting out on the swing on the back deck when we heard an odd noise.  Then a turkey walked out from under the section of deck we were on.

turkey hen 2016-04-30 18.49.46

I took a picture and watched the turkey for a little bit, then returned my attention to Triquet or whatever I was doing.  Probably petting Triquet.  After some time, I looked up to see that the turkey had made it across the “lawn” and fluttered over the fence to the hillside.  And that there was more noise.

turkey chicks 3 2016-04-30 18.52.59 HDR-2


I didn’t dare get close enough to take pics that might be in focus, but I did get a video, and braved YouTube to post it here.  You can hear the chicks squeaking as they try to get to their mother.

And don’t worry, the last one made it too.  Though not before I worried that I might have to chase it in the right direction.


2 thoughts on “Turkey

  1. Great video, and surprising to me how well the cheeping sounds come through. Have you seen them since? Are there broken turkey shells under your house??


    1. Have not seen them since and have not ventured under the house. Wendy considered it after we saw your comment and sort of wandered down there, but there’s a wall of thistles in the way, more or less, so she gave up.


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