Nothing particularly important here.  These are just misc thoughts I had a couple of days ago that are the sort of thing I’d put on Twitter if I had much of a Twitter presence.  I don’t, so I didn’t.

  • It was really hot Tuesday, and for the first time we closed all of the light-blocking window coverings in the front of the house.  Was really quite dark for midday.
  • I keep forgetting that this is graduation season until I find myself amid flocks of black-robed graduates while crawling through traffic full of their ceremony attendees.
  • Said crawl did give me time to read what one new alumna had painted on her mortarboard:
    HI MOM
    I DID IT
  • Parking was horrendous, with lots of 2/3-sized spaces (Smart cars?).  I had to park in the area which become tow-away at 4p.  However, when I moved my car at 3:45, it took so long to find a space that it was 4:01p when I pulled into a section of curb that had no-parking sawhorses to read that the effective time period was 7a-4p.  Yay.
  • However, I was totally parked in when I left (mainly because the big giant truck in front of me had left at least two feet between its hood and the next driveway, which seems almost criminal in Berkeley).  Had to bump vehicles on both sides to get out.  I felt a little bad for this, but when you leave less than six inches of space between your vehicle and the next one, it happens.
  • Driving back through the previously graduate-infested area, I saw a bumper sticker that read “Proud parent of a [lots of white space] graduate.”  I truly don’t know whether the school name had faded or if it really was a write-in bumper sticker.
  • Got a message that a science fiction author whose name I actually know (from reading and occasionally posting comments at the same blog(s)) has followed me on Twitter.  Since I’ve only written about three tweets on that handle (which I created mainly to reply to other tweets), this is bizarre.  I think he must’ve accidentally followed everyone that follows another author.
  • Last weekend our ca…no, I’ll make that a separate post.  Never mind.
  • I noticed this a week ago (about May 11) but decided that, fond as I am of them, I couldn’t eat 19 of these granola bars in two days.
    Kashi bar expired 2016-05-16 14.52.48

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