Our Three-Day Weekend

Saturday we took Triquet to the vet for his annual checkup, then returned and almost immediately departed again for the same city as the vet in order to go to a hardware store and then to our favorite local sushi restaurant.  I took a few photos in the garden section of the store, as research for our landscaping plans, but they aren’t particularly interesting.

Sunday spouse did yardwork and I did more landscape plans researching (that is, evaluating the plans our landscaper drew up and seeing if I want to change anything).  While doing this I wandered over to a section of our yard with a particularly striking thistle.

big backyard thistle 2016-05-29 18.52.06

That lamppost is, I dunno, 18-24″ long.

Monday was supposed to be quite warm here and we decided to take a day trip to Bodega Bay.  I wanted to get to an artisans’ co-op that I’d bought yarn at before, and spouse thought he might do a wine tasting if we found a place to do that.  We got a bit of a late start and it was already about 86 F at the house when we left.

At the co-op I found that I may have played too much Blendoku.

blendoku yarn 2016-05-30 15.29.08

(I did not buy the red.  I already had a skein of the purple, and I did buy the blue.  And one skein of dark green and four of ivory.  On my previous visit I had bought one each of the three shades of green they had and a bit of ivory, with the plan of doing colorwork of some sort.)  This is local wool, spun by a local mill, with some local VM in it but not too bad.  Since I have so much fancy yarn, this might be a good change.  Someday, because it’s hard to contemplate knitting it right now.

I also got a blend of (superwash?) merino and a supported spindle.  With which I was entirely unsuccessful.  Need to research how to start with it.  The shaft is smooth as glass.

stuff from bodega bay2016-05-31 19.36.50

I don’t normally buy rovings carded by other people out of (apparently) commercially-dyed solids, but thought this would be an interesting color study.  It was labelled “Red Blend” but it sure reads purple to me.  Spouse also got a very nice print of a photo of Yosemite Falls and a wooden (sycamore) bowl.  The bowl and the spindle were both made by the man who was minding the store that day, though I don’t think that was a factor in our selections.  We like nice woods, and I’d already been thinking I should try a support spindle.

Afterward I was very hungry and we went looking for a place to eat.  We decided against the cafe right next to the co-op.

pulled pork milkshakes 2016-05-30 15.45.49

I’m just not ready for a pulled pork milkshake.

Instead, we went to a restaurant that I’d actually been to a year ago when my workplace had a small conference in the area (that was when I’d found the co-op).  I had not remembered this rather cool mosaic on the front of it.

octopus mosaic 2016-05-30 16.00.32

I really love that there are small round glass stones for the suckers.

Spouse got a crab with a glass of clarified butter.

crab with butter 2016-05-30 16.38.58

We had a lovely view of the marina (?) which changed from sunny to not-sunny while we ate.  We found after we left that the wine-tasting place spouse had been thinking of had apparently decided to close early for the day, so we went to a nearby vista point to look at the ocean.

bodega bay coast fog 2 2016-05-30 18.07.54.jpg

I think the temperature at that time was about 57 degrees.  I was glad I’d brought the giant cozy sweater with me.

We then drove home, first getting to 101 via some twisty bit of road my tummy did not enjoy.  Still, it was a very nice little trip.



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