Finding and Fudge Follow-Up

First, here’s the deer from a couple of days ago:

find the deer 2016-06-24 11.33.56 (2)

(The counting cat pictures were fairly obvious: three in the first pic, four in the second.  Praline, in the triangular thing off to the right, is the one who surprised me.)

Second, I remade the Maple Cream Fudge with the minor changes noted at the end, especially using the stand mixer.  However, I think I overmixed it:

maple fudge v2 2016-06-27 00.20.39.jpg

It came out quite crumbly and hard, while the previous batch, which I probably stopped mixing early because my arm hurt, was just a bit on the soft side.  I think what happened here is that I had it on too high a mixing speed and it thickened pretty rapidly between the last time I’d looked at it and the next time, when it was a crumbly mass adhering somewhat to the paddle rather than staying in the bowl.  So the lesson there is pay more attention to the stand mixer.

Still tasty though! 🙂  I think some of this may be due to my heating it to more like 238 (possibly higher, as I may have had the thermometer a little high on the pot), since it has a slight caramel taste.  Oh, I also left it in the pot to cool and then poured it into the mixer’s bowl, which seemed to work.


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