Summer Days

I’m not fond of summer, because it’s too hot.  But today is just wonderful.  I went out onto the catio for a bit, and it’s just breezy enough to offset the warmth.  As a bonus I saw two deer, both with some significant antlers but differing enough in size that I think they must be two different years.  I like to think that they were the fawns we’ve seen in previous years here.

Didn’t have my phone with me at the time so no pictures this time.  I did take one of (probably) the larger-antlered of the two in the back, but it was too hard to make out even for Find the Deer.

Spouse is at a friend’s for barbecue, and I’ve been invited to drop by, but I probably will just enjoy the day with my cats, watching deer and listening to birds.  And maybe napping.

Yesterday I spent the evening at my friend B’s house, with a few other friends and her daughter T.  There was this unusual hors d’oeuvres platter.

hors d'oeuvres chez B 2016-07-03 19.39.16

Various fruit and veggies one might reasonably eat raw, and… tuna.  Also raw.  (I like sushi and probably would have had some if I’d bothered to locate soy sauce, but instead I gobbled all of the watermelon.)  The tuna was apparently left over from T’s snack.  I wasn’t weirded out by this, but I did find it funny.

A few days ago I visited another friend, K, and her five-year-old daughter A.  I got to their house before they did and sat in the front yard knitting, which was actually what I was there to do.  I’ve knit A three sweaters so far, and surprisingly enough the one I made at the end of 2014 still mostly fits now, but the sleeves are a bit short.  I was there to lengthen the sleeves so she could get a little more wear out of it, because to my delight it is a favorite sweater of hers.2016-06-30 16.55.45

I also spun all the yarn myself and made pretty substantial modifications to the sweater pattern (since I don’t have a child immediately handy to measure, I’m more willing to work with other people’s patterns for A’s sweaters), so I am also especially proud of this sweater.  This makes it even better that it’s been worn frequently for a year and a half, which is a really long time for a growing child.  And again it was a perfect day to sit out there between about 5 and 6, with a bit of breeze and a bit of sun, just enough to let me appreciate the sparkle of the yarn (70% blue-face Leicester, 30% nylon sparkle) and keep me pleasantly warm.  Another summer day that’s been more than tolerable.

I took two pictures of K’s hydrangeas.

hydrangea closeup purple 2016-06-30 19.54.54

2016-06-30 19.55.44

I really love hydrangeas for their color changes in response to the soil’s acidity (I think?), but that’s not why I took these.  I was transfixed by the number and shape of petals.

hydrangea closeup 2016-06-30 19.55.44

Four large petals, in at least three sizes.  Yet, the majority of closed-up buds I see show five sections.  Why???  (This is the sort of thing my brain seizes on.  But not enough to actually research it.)  And why are there some small inner sets open (many with five little petals) without larger sets but not all of the larger sets have their small sets open?  I wonder if I’m making some critical terminology error here, petal vs sepal or something.  Maybe I will research it after all.

Sadly, I couldn’t consider hydrangeas for our backyard landscaping because they’re toxic to cats.  Oh well.  Clearly I will have to visit K more often.




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