The Fun Never Stops

Last Thursday I went to the doctor about the on and off cough I’ve had for several weeks.  The exam revealed nothing, so she ordered a chest x-ray — which showed I have pneumonia.

On Saturday I was eating some nice, soft dim sum and suddenly felt something hard in it.  It was the crown for my backmost tooth.  Fortunately, I was able to reach my dentist and she said to come in Monday morning for it to be recemented.

Monday (yesterday) I went to the dentist and had the crown put back in.  My dentist also noticed I had a cavity in a front-facing tooth and filled it.  With my face all numb, I backed out of the rather tight parking space and into a van that hadn’t been there when I got into the car, with the driver about five steps away.  She was much calmer about it than I was, possibly because she was on the way to pay a $1200 dental bill for her son’s retainer.  Don’t know whether she’ll follow up on it or not, as she seemed inclined to wave it off after verifying that the sliding door still worked, but I insisted that she get my insurance information.

Did I mention that this Saturday I’m leaving for Australia for two weeks?  I can hardly wait to see what will happen to me tomorrow.

I’m not the only one with dental woes this week.  I took Velcro to the vet for a dental cleaning this morning.  Poor guy was not happy about the car ride, and also not happy about being shut away from food last night, but was very happy that I stayed the night in the guest room with him.  I hope that was enough compensation for forty minutes of rush-hour car travel.


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