Music Everywhere

Just after making the previous post, I happened to hit the armrest next to me with my ring. The resulting tone was surprisingly musical. (I’m waiting at a gate in the Melbourne airport, and the seats are the usual rows separated by metal armrests.) I noted this to spouse and he rang the two on either side of him. They were close in pitch, though sharp to the one I rang.

If I had something like a mallet I might well check the rest of them. They’re presumably close in pitch since they’re basically all the same size.

Just now we were informed that our gate was changed. Since I was standing up anyway, I rang a few more armrests. They probably all would be considered the same note (D, says spouse with perfect pitch), but not in tune.

I do the same thing in restaurants with nice glasses sometimes. And I can pretty much never drink a bottled drink without playing it like a flute. Straws in drinks sometimes too.

A couple of weeks ago when my lungs were x-rayed (not x-rated, thank you phone autocorrect) the machine made sounds like the first three notes of a piece I knew. Eventually I remembered it was the Army of the Nile March by Kenneth J. Alford, which I played in 11th grade. I spent the entire ride home reminding myself how the piccolo part went.  I also remembered noting how the various start-up sounds of my grandfather’s computer and printer made were kind of musical, which is probably why I still remember them 20 years later.

Found music. If it’s not a thing it should be.


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