Calico and Cup

This is not an uncommon sight for me:

Five-Spice peeking over couch 2016-09-04 19.58.29

I often happen to glance in that direction and see a little calico face looking up at me (evidently standing on her hind legs or sitting up, but I never see her body).  She wants to know if there might be something tasty in my vicinity.  This time, she found something.

Five-Spice drinking from front 2016-09-04 20.21.29

D’oh.  I hadn’t finished my milk.  But wait, isn’t she standing a little oddly?

Five-Spice drinking three-quarters view 2016-09-04 20.20.21

I could swear she had four legs last I checked.

Five-Spice drinking from side 2016-09-04 20.20.46


Though actually, this isn’t the first time she’s hidden that particular leg.

Five-Spice three legs 2016-09-03 23.50.08

(More travel posts to come, they just involve way too many pictures.  And not enough cats, though there will be a couple in the next installment.)


Sydney, Day 1

Since I didn’t have wi-fi most of the time and my phone connection was also slow, I wrote this stuff two, no, three weeks ago, offline.  I’m not going to bother correcting verb tenses.


It was a 15-hour flight from LAX to Sydney.  I found out almost immediately that bulkhead seats are not great if you have short legs.  Even slouched so far in my seat that my belt was around my ribs I could just barely touch the opposite wall with my toes.  I was really glad we’d carried on a (nearly empty) suitcase so I could use it for a footrest once the takeoff was done.  It wasn’t ideal, but it helped.

There were power sockets at our seats, but the one we’d use wasn’t working.  Fortunately, I’d brought offline entertainment along.

book on plane 2016-08-31 23.14.48.jpg
I just realized I could add captions. Might have to go back to all my earlier posts and add them.

I still have no idea how anyone manages to sleep in those seats.  I got a bit of a doze leaning against spouse’s shoulder, but it wasn’t much.  Even with a pillow behind my back it ached.  Etc.  The food was OK though.  Our flight arrived just after sunrise.

We got to our hotel around 10a after a little bit of a slog through train stations with well-hidden platforms and full of commuters.  The hotel staff were able to check us in early after a bit of a wait, thank goodness.  Neither of us was quite hungry yet but we were both sleepy, so we napped for a couple of hours and then walked around to find some food.  I forgot to mention that while the area we were in was nice enough, on the first block we had to walk on the way to the hotel from the train station every other business was an adult store or club, mixed in with little convenience shops and small eateries.


We did not eat in this area but a little further away.  After that we just wandered a bit, stopping into stores as they interested us.

syd chinese plate 2016-08-15 16.13.31
Gorgeous plate in an antique shop.
syd amethyst necklace 1 2016-08-15 16.15.45
Amethyst necklace from same shop, different section.  It was really a conglomerate of like 20 antiques booths in one space.  Matching bracelet not nearly as interesting.  (This is a note for me, not my 3 readers.)

The weather, by the way, was wonderful. It’s the beginning of spring here, and that’s what it felt like.  Well, actually, it reminded me of the beginning of autumn, but that may have been the angle of the sun.  Mom mentioned to me that she had a hard time with keeping her bearings when she was in Aus and thought that it might be from the sun coming from the “wrong” direction.

Syd apartments 2016-08-15 14.33.26-1
I don’t have anywhere better to put this picture.  Love the colors on this otherwise boring apartment building.

That evening spouse had a thought and searched for cat cafes — and found one.  So we made a reservation for 2pm the following day to go play with kittens for half an hour.  We also made arrangements with his aunt (#7) to meet up for dinner at a location near the cat café, Catmosphere.  We ended the evening at a sushi place, at which I had something unusual but not unusual enough for me to remember what it was.  Should have taken better notes.