Calico and Cup

This is not an uncommon sight for me:

Five-Spice peeking over couch 2016-09-04 19.58.29

I often happen to glance in that direction and see a little calico face looking up at me (evidently standing on her hind legs or sitting up, but I never see her body).  She wants to know if there might be something tasty in my vicinity.  This time, she found something.

Five-Spice drinking from front 2016-09-04 20.21.29

D’oh.  I hadn’t finished my milk.  But wait, isn’t she standing a little oddly?

Five-Spice drinking three-quarters view 2016-09-04 20.20.21

I could swear she had four legs last I checked.

Five-Spice drinking from side 2016-09-04 20.20.46


Though actually, this isn’t the first time she’s hidden that particular leg.

Five-Spice three legs 2016-09-03 23.50.08

(More travel posts to come, they just involve way too many pictures.  And not enough cats, though there will be a couple in the next installment.)


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