A Dream Come True


A couple of nights ago I dreamed that I had a two-pound box of See’s chocolates.  It was really that specific.  Most of my dreams can’t come true (and a lot of them I wouldn’t want to), but this, I could do.  Mmm.  (And yes, it’s a two-pound box.  The other things I like are in the first layer.)


Changing Lightbulbs

Our house is largely an A-frame, and came with a chandelier to match.


(The thing hanging from it is a glass art piece, not part of the chandelier itself.)

We don’t use the chandelier often because it puts out a lot of heat and consumes a lot of electricity, at least compared to other lights in the house.  It’s a shame, because the room does get dark and the two lamps to either side of the couch don’t do much for the other half of the room.

So spouse replaced all 25 25-watt bulbs in it with 40-watt-equivalent LED bulbs.  And since he was up there on the ladder anyway, we decided to dust all 104 pieces of glass hanging from it.


(When we first looked at the house, I asked if the chandelier came with it, and the previous owner said, “Yeah, you get to clean it yourself!”  Of course, this had never occurred in the 4 years since then.  Fortunately, since the glass is vertical, there actually wasn’t much dust on it.)

The end result:


It’s now on, and the room has a comfortable lightness that isn’t actually that bright at the couch.  It’d be enough light to knit by and maybe read by (haven’t tried yet), and is definitely enough for laptopping.  And, of course, the two floor lamps are still on either side of the couch for when more light is needed.  Where it will really help is in playing games, because from where I sit the lamp at the other end of the couch reflects onto the TV and renders the upper-right corner very hard to see, which has actually made a difference at times.

I’m pretty happy.  It’s really nice to have light in the rest of the room, without guilt or overheating.

Count the Cats – Expanded Edition


I hope you already did your counting, because I can’t help but spoil it with my delight at achieving this: I got ALL the cats in one photo!  Lifetime achievement unlocked!

(My joy was somewhat inhibited by the horrid “update” to Photos that happened in the last couple of days, removing most of the useful features and replacing them with crummy filters, but I’m still happy about it.)

As you might imagine, treats were involved.

A Four-Year-Old’s Drawing of Trump

“Trump should be LOCKED in a BOX and sent to MARS!”

I visited my friend K and her daughter A a couple of weeks ago, and K told me that A had watched the (second?) debate with her father and did not like Trump at all.  So she drew this picture of him being locked in a box with eight locks, two on each side, and sent to Mars.  Why Mars, I have no idea.