Count the Cats – Expanded Edition


I hope you already did your counting, because I can’t help but spoil it with my delight at achieving this: I got ALL the cats in one photo!  Lifetime achievement unlocked!

(My joy was somewhat inhibited by the horrid “update” to Photos that happened in the last couple of days, removing most of the useful features and replacing them with crummy filters, but I’m still happy about it.)

As you might imagine, treats were involved.


4 thoughts on “Count the Cats – Expanded Edition

    1. More like the way to summon cats. It still took a bit of effort to get them close enough together to fit in one photo. Might not have worked so well if they weren’t impatient for breakfast already.


    1. Yep, that’s my Y! She does look a little odd because of the thread hanging down from the cat tree that visually bisects her head. I think she was more visible in another photo, but in that one Walnut and Vanilla looked like one cat.

      For the most part the differences in size aren’t that visible in this pic, but Rhombus is still clearly wider than the rest. 😀


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