Two Hamburgers

Spouse suggested that we eat at The Counter, which he had been to previously and I had not.

His burger:


My burger:


I may be a little unclear on the concept.

Thematically related (in that there are his and mine), here are desserts we ordered at a different place:


His, in back, is cheesecake “spring roll” (rather like a blintz) with vanilla bean ice cream, and mine is pineapple upside-down cake with coconut ice cream.  Both with caramel sauce.  Rather to my surprise, I liked the coconut ice cream best of all of these sweets.



Doing It The Hard Way


In case it’s not clear what she’s doing, she’s eating.  By hanging off of a cat tree rather than getting on it and crouching at the dish like a normal cat would.  If there is such thing as a normal cat.