Eating Games

I posted a while back on how I’m suggestible when it comes to things like beverages in my games and books, e.g., drinking coffee because a character drinks a lot of it.  Here are a few instances of game-influenced eating.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


I was reminded of this because of this conversation with my friend @ChrisTheHoff:


The search for the screenshot had both effects, by the way.  As it happens, my sister is cooking chicken for dinner tonight (…well, the night I started this post, which was several weeks ago).  That might be what reminded me to start this post.  (And now I want to start the game again.)

Valkyria Chronicles

One of the two main characters in Valkyria Chronicles is a baker, and her cinnamon rolls play a minor part in one scene (although they look more like round bread).  I played the HD version on PS4 when it came out last April, a few months after a bakery/cafe well-known for its cinnamon rolls opened a location nearby.


That, my friends, weighed nearly two pounds. As you might imagine, it took me a few days to eat it.  The best part is the cinnamon sugar/butter that melted out and pooled around the roll.   Sometimes I just ask the people at the restaurant to give me that (they don’t charge me for it, incidentally).

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

For “Harvest Day” (Thanksgiving) my character was asked to find ingredients for a chef.


That night’s dinner:


Same fish and everything.  (Another character said that her secret ingredient was lemon, rather than vinegar, but I forgot to get a screenshot of that.


However, no matter how much Final Fantasy XV tries, I have no interest in Cup Noodles.  Sorry, Gladio.


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