Placeholder Cats

I have various sets of photos edited to put in posts and keep forgetting the actual posting part.  As it’s quite late and I need to clean litterboxes before I go to bed, they’ll have to continue to wait, but here are a few standalone cat pics so I don’t entirely forget how to do this.

Moonstone on ottoman 2017-05-16 12.21.45
Moonstone on ottoman, a.k.a. the little giant kitty bed
Praline sunshine snooze 2017-05-18 17.20.03
Praline snoozes in the sun.
Rhombus half 2017-05-20 18.38.38
Half a Rhombus.  I guess that’s just a bus.
CMY grooming 2017-05-03 00.02.31
CMY carefully cleans a foot.
Gray Cat on wall 2017-04-18 17.44.30
Gray Cat, the local feral who “introduced” Meringue to us.
Licoris sunny belly 2017-04-20 14.33.00
Upside-down Licoris head!
kittykins with treat tower 2017-04-26 03.02.58
Five-Spice, Vanilla, Walnut, and Meringue enjoy treats.
Quot nap 2 2017-05-04 18.16.00
Another adorable Quot nap.
Velcro jumping into box 2017-03-03 21.19.15
Velcro jumps!
Triquet in outdoor chair 2017-05-25 16.36.41
Triquet chills.

Doing It The Hard Way


In case it’s not clear what she’s doing, she’s eating.  By hanging off of a cat tree rather than getting on it and crouching at the dish like a normal cat would.  If there is such thing as a normal cat.


Count the Cats – Expanded Edition


I hope you already did your counting, because I can’t help but spoil it with my delight at achieving this: I got ALL the cats in one photo!  Lifetime achievement unlocked!

(My joy was somewhat inhibited by the horrid “update” to Photos that happened in the last couple of days, removing most of the useful features and replacing them with crummy filters, but I’m still happy about it.)

As you might imagine, treats were involved.

Calico and Cup

This is not an uncommon sight for me:

Five-Spice peeking over couch 2016-09-04 19.58.29

I often happen to glance in that direction and see a little calico face looking up at me (evidently standing on her hind legs or sitting up, but I never see her body).  She wants to know if there might be something tasty in my vicinity.  This time, she found something.

Five-Spice drinking from front 2016-09-04 20.21.29

D’oh.  I hadn’t finished my milk.  But wait, isn’t she standing a little oddly?

Five-Spice drinking three-quarters view 2016-09-04 20.20.21

I could swear she had four legs last I checked.

Five-Spice drinking from side 2016-09-04 20.20.46


Though actually, this isn’t the first time she’s hidden that particular leg.

Five-Spice three legs 2016-09-03 23.50.08

(More travel posts to come, they just involve way too many pictures.  And not enough cats, though there will be a couple in the next installment.)

Two Calicos

First, the answer to the previous Count the Cats is six.  The tricky one is here:

count the cats from spouse (2)

Quot was hiding in the shadows back there.  (I kept Five-Spice in the crop to match the post title better.)

Here’s another cute picture of Five-Spice that reminds me a lot of one we have of CMY as an adolescent climbing in that same shelf.

Five-Spice in shelf 2016-07-19 13.43.44

A few weeks ago at the vet I saw (and got to hold) this adorable dilute calico kitten waiting for her very first checkup.

calico kitten 3 2016-07-16 14.53.36calico kitten 2 2016-07-16 14.52.50calico kitten 1 2016-07-16 14.52.43

Naturally I had to go look for photos of Five-Spice at a similar age.  This is probably the first one I took of her, before we trapped the kittykins:

Meringue and Five-Spice outside Oct 15, 11 36 30 PM

Five-Spice doesn’t look much different, other than size.  But look at little baby Vanilla:

Meringue, Five-Spice and Vanilla kittens outside Oct 15, 11 37 26 PMMeringue nursing Five Spice and Vanilla Oct 15, 11 37 43 PM

See, she really was vanilla-colored.  (We just called her White Kitten at the time, and her family was White Cat, Calico Kitten, Orange Kitten, and Gray Kitten.)


A Selection of Kittykins

Yesterday was quite sunny and Praline enjoyed a nap at the front of the house.  I enjoyed actually being able to tell that his very furry tummy has belly spots.

Praline furry tummy 2016-06-16 16.17.46

And then I found some more spots, or maybe splotches.  He has FRECKLES.

Praline nose closeup 2016-06-16 16.18.34

It’s hard to see orange spots on a pink nose, but they’re there.  You can also see his sprinkling of black whiskers.

So that this isn’t another all-Praline post, here’s a picture of Walnut also enjoying some sun, while working on her carpet camouflage:

Walnut on carpet 2016-06-16 16.19.52

Also, this happened last night:

Five-Spice licking pan 2016-06-17 01.58.32

Spouse cooked us yummy clam and salmon pasta last night.  After I put the leftovers away, I scraped my fingers on the pan and offered them to Walnut, who comes into the kitchen any time I’m there for just this reason.  She was enthusiastic so I put the pan down for her to lick.  Five-Spice joined her and actually outlasted her, one of the few times I’ve seen Walnut walk away from human food before every particle was gone.  While I waited for Five to finish, I played a little with Walnut and Meringue:

Walnut and Meringue batting at cord 2016-06-17 01.58.27

And for good measure, a pic from earlier today of Meringue in the new cat tree:

Meringue in tree basket 2 2016-06-17 12.40.28

Oops, Praline snuck in again.