Placeholder Cats

I have various sets of photos edited to put in posts and keep forgetting the actual posting part.  As it’s quite late and I need to clean litterboxes before I go to bed, they’ll have to continue to wait, but here are a few standalone cat pics so I don’t entirely forget how to do this.

Moonstone on ottoman 2017-05-16 12.21.45
Moonstone on ottoman, a.k.a. the little giant kitty bed
Praline sunshine snooze 2017-05-18 17.20.03
Praline snoozes in the sun.
Rhombus half 2017-05-20 18.38.38
Half a Rhombus.  I guess that’s just a bus.
CMY grooming 2017-05-03 00.02.31
CMY carefully cleans a foot.
Gray Cat on wall 2017-04-18 17.44.30
Gray Cat, the local feral who “introduced” Meringue to us.
Licoris sunny belly 2017-04-20 14.33.00
Upside-down Licoris head!
kittykins with treat tower 2017-04-26 03.02.58
Five-Spice, Vanilla, Walnut, and Meringue enjoy treats.
Quot nap 2 2017-05-04 18.16.00
Another adorable Quot nap.
Velcro jumping into box 2017-03-03 21.19.15
Velcro jumps!
Triquet in outdoor chair 2017-05-25 16.36.41
Triquet chills.

Count the Cats – Expanded Edition


I hope you already did your counting, because I can’t help but spoil it with my delight at achieving this: I got ALL the cats in one photo!  Lifetime achievement unlocked!

(My joy was somewhat inhibited by the horrid “update” to Photos that happened in the last couple of days, removing most of the useful features and replacing them with crummy filters, but I’m still happy about it.)

As you might imagine, treats were involved.

Back Home

Rhombus Vanilla Walnut on cat tree 2016-08-29 12.56.25

Home from Australia with over 500 photos, and that’s just what’s on my phone, not the ones spouse took with the big camera.  I tried to write some posts while I was away, but generally didn’t have the connection for it except on my phone (which was still too slow to do anything with pictures), and I don’t really like writing on that.  So I’ll probably be putting up outdated posts of what I did two weeks ago for the next two weeks.  There were cats on a couple of days, though.

We got up at 5:30a on Sunday to catch our 14-hour flight from Sydney to LAX, after which there was a layover of a couple of hours (lengthened due to delay).  Mom picked us up from SFO a bit after noon on Sunday, which is to say just about exactly 24 hours after we woke up.  We didn’t nap on the flight, either.  Around 2p I was shaking badly and took a nap that lasted until nearly midnight.  Then I got up, had a snack and read some email, and joined CMY in the giant kitty bed around 4a for a nap that lasted until about noon.  Then I got up, intended to have a snack but didn’t, and went upstairs and napped from about 2p to 5p.  Now it is nearly 2a and I should’ve been in bed two hours ago, but am not really surprised not to be.  We do have landscapers/yard workers coming by between 7a and 8a later this morning, but after sleeping 21 hours out of the last 36, I’m not too surprised that I’m still awake.  Time for some melatonin.

Kitty Pix

I really needed to see some kitty pictures today.  And I thought, I have some of those!

kitty yinyang 2 2016-06-15 15.56.20

This is possibly the best kitty yinyang I have ever photographed.  Not that that’s a particularly high bar, but still.

three kittykins on tree 2016-06-27 15.10.22

Adorable diagonal of kittykins in the new(ish) cat tree.  Meringue seems to have misplaced her nose.

CMY nap 2016-06-23 19.41.44

CMY’s lovely furry tummy.

Moonstone in giant kitty bed 2016-06-29 21.27.06.jpg

Find Moonstone!

Rhombus on cat tree top 2016-06-13 16.14.00

Rhombus on the living room cat tree, looking utterly content up there.

Licoris on piano 2016-04-04 18.02.12

Licoris on the oldest piano.  From a few months back, but she’s probably underrepresented here.

Wide-Eyed Y

CMY’s first visit to the catio.  I had to carry her there, as she probably wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.  Once inside, she climbed around and sniffed, fairly calmly.

CMY on catio 2016-05-22 18.23.19CMY on catio 2 2016-05-22 18.23.22

Yes, she’s big.  As you can see from her even larger brother Rhombus, in the corner, it’s genetic.


This past weekend a long-awaited structure was built: an 8′ x 12′ enclosure on our back deck for the cats to go into.  It wasn’t finished until Sunday eve, so it wasn’t until Monday night that anyone went in (and it was only Triquet and one or two other cats that actually ventured out then).  Here’s how it looked from the nearby bedroom window.

Tuesday night saw a few more takers.

Although there’s a perfectly nice ramp built to access the shelf in the corner, Meringue took a more direct route.

Meringue climbs post 2016-05-17 21.30.18

Praline took the even more direct route of jumping straight to the shelf, but I didn’t photograph that.

Today was the first day we opened it up during daylight (we were home yesterday, but it was really hot).  We’d moved in the plastic chairs already and we started moving in some cat furniture too.  And photographing, of course.

Moonstone on ottoman 2016-05-19 15.10.05

I ended up with a lot of pictures of Meringue because she kept being the first to do things.

Meringue climbing netting 2016-05-19 15.18.36Meringue on ramp 2016-05-19 15.15.31Meringue on shelf 2016-05-19 15.14.57

It’s kind of poignant, in a way.  We first saw her on that very hillside, back in 2013.  Probably not too long before or after she gave birth.

I-Gene moved in another piece of furniture, which I realized was actually our oldest cat tree, purchased before we moved here.  Despite the top platform breaking off (we haven’t bothered reattaching it), it’s survived pretty well.

Quot Triquet Rhombus in catio 2016-05-19 18.06.33Triquet and Rhombus in catio 2016-05-19 18.05.33Triquet on furniture 2016-05-19 18.02.29catio from doorway 2016-05-19 18.01.00 (2)

So far, Triquet, Velcro, Moonstone, Rhombus, Quot, Meringue, and Praline have spent a fair bit of time in the catio.  Rhombus is most relaxed, as the previous picture shows; he stayed out there placidly even after everyone else went back in (the humans got chilled and the rest of the cats followed).  Five-Spice has darted in a couple of times.  I carried Licoris over to see it, but she scrambled out in a hurry as I crossed the threshold.  Walnut has watched intently from inside the house.  As far as I know CMY hasn’t noticed the catio at all, and perhaps Vanilla hasn’t either.



Fifty Pounds of Cat

Today we took CMY and Rhombus to the vet.  They’re siblings, and it shows.  They have similar coloring, especially in the face, and they’re…large.  Rhombus is a bit over 27 pounds and CMY is a few ounces over 23.  They look to be generic domestic shorthairs, no signs of Maine Coon to explain the size.  Some of it’s fat, but it’s also big bones and such.  Rhombus’s paws are enormous.

CMY is a bit of a grump.  She doesn’t like most of the other cats — she’s sometimes friendly with Moonstone, and seems to tolerate the kittykins, but isn’t too happy with the others.  And for some reason she saves her best hisses and growls for her brother, the one she’s known literally her whole life.

But it turns out she’s more upset by the vet than by him.

CMY Rhombus in carrier 160319 IMG_1718.jpg

Rhombus was just sitting in his carrier minding his own business (he’d already been taken in back to get his blood glucose checked and was done) and CMY was wandering nervously around the room and decided to crawl in with him. I almost wish I’d tried to pick up the carrier with both of them to see if its weight tolerance was adequate, but it might’ve broken me instead.