It’s Pouring

Very loud rain out there.  Earlier today it was less loud rain but very loud wind.  Which it might also be right now, but I’m sitting in a different part of the house.  Having half the house under the same piece of roof sharing the same airspace makes for a pretty nice drum for this sort of thing.  I wonder if it ever hails here.

I’m on a couch with hot tea, a warm wool knitting project, and intermittent cats (none at present next to me, but they’ll be back, I’m sure).  A perfect evening for being the only human in the house.  Though the rain is rather loud.

An odd timestamp on something reminded me that tomorrow Dad turns 65.  I’m not sure I believed that was possible, even though he just retired.  I mean, my parents are in their forties, maaaaybe their fifties, right?  And then I remember that I’m in my forties.  Oh.


Phone test post

Writing this mainly to see what posting from my phone is like, and to maintain a modicum of momentum. Have somehow found myself eating fresh homemade pizza at a small party hosted by friends of my younger brother-in-law. Can’t complain.