We are enjoying a brief pause between rainstorms, so today I was Responsible and spent some time and energy doing garden tasks.  I realized that it was the first time in, oh, thirty years that I’ve used a rake.  (I grew up in an area which didn’t have enough flat space to need raking, except for the area directly under the enormous live oak tree that held my swing.  Not much point in raking that.)  And also that my gloves were not entirely thistle-proof.  Thanks to all the rain, we’re having a bumper crop of pointy things, albeit mainly around the edges of the area we’re trying to care for.

Unfortunately, all the nice green growing things have not distracted the deer from eating my once-beautiful heucheras.  They’re recovering, a little, but we’re making a trip to Home Depot later to get structures to put netting over them.

Here are some pictures I meant to post last year. (Sigh.)


Most of them now look like the second picture, at least the ones that have survived.  I’m hopeful that eventually with the application of sun and netting we’ll get something like the other pics again.

Our hanging lantana has also not been well-treated by the weather.  But some of them are looking like they’ll bloom if only the big sky spigot will stay turned off long enough.  I also pulled at least three would-be oak trees out of their planters, the first sprouted acorns I’ve ever seen.

I’m a little annoyed at myself that I don’t seem to have ever cropped etc the pics of the lantana I took when they were blooming, and I don’t feel like digging them out again.  So here’s a picture of Praline dozing.



Find The Moth

Quot was intently tracking a moth when it flew to the side and he lost sight of it.

I know it went in this direction.
Maybe over here?
You’d think all these mirrors would help, but they don’t.
This smells interesting, but not at all mothlike.
Wow, I’m handsome.  Hello, me!
Maybe it went back this way.
When all else fails, go back to the beginning and start over.
Phooey.  This just isn’t working.  I give up.
But I’m SURE it went that way…

He never did find it. Did you?

One More

Thematically related to the previous post, here is a real-life, naturally-occurring Hyoi Pear:


In-game reference:


The pear in my fruit basket was not consumed, by the way.  I should have looked for some seagulls to feed it to.

On a side note, I first played this game, or at least the beginning of it,  in Japanese.  I bought the pear, but couldn’t read the description above.  Imagine my confusion when I tried using it and all that happened was this:


If there are no seagulls around, all he does is put the pear on his head and look utterly baffled.  Which was pretty much also my expression at seeing this.  Why is he doing that??? I didn’t play it in Japanese far enough to get somewhere that he could actually control a seagull.  Fortunately, the North America release was not long after that so I could find out what it was for.

Eating Games

I posted a while back on how I’m suggestible when it comes to things like beverages in my games and books, e.g., drinking coffee because a character drinks a lot of it.  Here are a few instances of game-influenced eating.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


I was reminded of this because of this conversation with my friend @ChrisTheHoff:


The search for the screenshot had both effects, by the way.  As it happens, my sister is cooking chicken for dinner tonight (…well, the night I started this post, which was several weeks ago).  That might be what reminded me to start this post.  (And now I want to start the game again.)

Valkyria Chronicles

One of the two main characters in Valkyria Chronicles is a baker, and her cinnamon rolls play a minor part in one scene (although they look more like round bread).  I played the HD version on PS4 when it came out last April, a few months after a bakery/cafe well-known for its cinnamon rolls opened a location nearby.


That, my friends, weighed nearly two pounds. As you might imagine, it took me a few days to eat it.  The best part is the cinnamon sugar/butter that melted out and pooled around the roll.   Sometimes I just ask the people at the restaurant to give me that (they don’t charge me for it, incidentally).

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

For “Harvest Day” (Thanksgiving) my character was asked to find ingredients for a chef.


That night’s dinner:


Same fish and everything.  (Another character said that her secret ingredient was lemon, rather than vinegar, but I forgot to get a screenshot of that.


However, no matter how much Final Fantasy XV tries, I have no interest in Cup Noodles.  Sorry, Gladio.

Who, Me?

If you’d played with me like I asked, I wouldn’t have had to find my own entertainment.

In case you can’t tell, that yarn is entangled with a wire kitty toy.  And the rest of the skein was in a similar state under the couch.

Two Hamburgers

Spouse suggested that we eat at The Counter, which he had been to previously and I had not.

His burger:


My burger:


I may be a little unclear on the concept.

Thematically related (in that there are his and mine), here are desserts we ordered at a different place:


His, in back, is cheesecake “spring roll” (rather like a blintz) with vanilla bean ice cream, and mine is pineapple upside-down cake with coconut ice cream.  Both with caramel sauce.  Rather to my surprise, I liked the coconut ice cream best of all of these sweets.