A Selection of Kittykins

Yesterday was quite sunny and Praline enjoyed a nap at the front of the house.  I enjoyed actually being able to tell that his very furry tummy has belly spots.

Praline furry tummy 2016-06-16 16.17.46

And then I found some more spots, or maybe splotches.  He has FRECKLES.

Praline nose closeup 2016-06-16 16.18.34

It’s hard to see orange spots on a pink nose, but they’re there.  You can also see his sprinkling of black whiskers.

So that this isn’t another all-Praline post, here’s a picture of Walnut also enjoying some sun, while working on her carpet camouflage:

Walnut on carpet 2016-06-16 16.19.52

Also, this happened last night:

Five-Spice licking pan 2016-06-17 01.58.32

Spouse cooked us yummy clam and salmon pasta last night.  After I put the leftovers away, I scraped my fingers on the pan and offered them to Walnut, who comes into the kitchen any time I’m there for just this reason.  She was enthusiastic so I put the pan down for her to lick.  Five-Spice joined her and actually outlasted her, one of the few times I’ve seen Walnut walk away from human food before every particle was gone.  While I waited for Five to finish, I played a little with Walnut and Meringue:

Walnut and Meringue batting at cord 2016-06-17 01.58.27

And for good measure, a pic from earlier today of Meringue in the new cat tree:

Meringue in tree basket 2 2016-06-17 12.40.28

Oops, Praline snuck in again.


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